Our Focus


Kernow Bujutsu is a martial arts organisation based in Cornwall, UK.

Come and learn the warrior art of Bujutsu with us.

Kernow Bujutsu is a martial arts collective and focuses in offering its members a balanced mix of practical everyday self defence techniques. These are based on traditional oriental martial arts including Japanese Ninjutsu, and Indonesian Silat, as well as systems approved by the worlds security forces.

Our team of instructors, comprises of an ex military multi black belt and security forces approved trainer who has been trained in Japan, Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia, an ex policeman / qualified teacher, and an internationally published personal growth author who has developed neuro psychological methodology that has been used by Central American security forces.

Bujutsu is not about fancy moves, nor is it a sport; it is teaching you to be ready for unexpected violence, safe and sure.

But more importantly it is a holistic system that will provide the methodology and mindset to defeat danger before the physical skills are needed.

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