Bufu Ikkan – Positively living with change

Some say that to be a martial artist and a warrior is to condition the body and mind to effectively and efficiently overcome the potential suffering that change may manifest in our lives.

A natural human being is a human being who understands this flow of change in life just as the mariner understands the ebb and flow of the tides to great advantage. Our ancestors lived closely with this truth locked in the natural cycle of the moon as hunters of nomadic prey. Some time later, as agrarian folk, they lived primarily by the yearly cycle of the sun changing and adapting to the changing seasons. Failure to live by this truth would have meant certain death and our race would be another casualty of nature’s many battles.

Their perceptions flowed naturally from the darkness of the cold night of winter, into the dawn of spring, through the bountiful fruition of summer and eventually descending into the waning moon of autumn. It is inevitable that one day we will all meet the winter of our lives just as Rome and all great civilisations of history have all seen the great encyclopedia of change come crashing shut on their “once upon a time” summer greatness.

fall_of_roman_empireIt is becoming quite apparent that we are living in one of those special times in history when the very fabric of what we call society, government and perception is changing.

We can only be faithful that we can successfully navigate these changes without disturbing our sacred code of non violence and we can continue to nurture the warrior heart in the true spirit of compassion.